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Free Tutoring

Tutoring services are provided free of charge for Marquette students. We offer tutoring for most 1000 and 2000 level courses, which include a wide variety of undergraduate subjects.

Small Group Tutoring

Our program is based on a small group tutoring concept. Groups consist of one tutor and up to six students, created based upon the same course/professor. Small groups provide an opportunity for collaborative learning, as well as friendship and mentorship. 

CRLA Certified (College of Reading and Learning Association)

Our tutors are required to complete 10 hours of training upon hire. To ensure they continue to develop their skills, we offer additional training throughout the semester. For more information, visit our CRLA page.

Courses We Support

We support first- and second-year courses. Of those, the courses that benefit from weekly sessions include ACCO, BIOL, CHEM, COSC, EXPH, MATH, NURS, PSYC and foreign languages. Humanities and other courses not listed are supported by academic services. See our Resources page for more information.