Who is eligible to receive tutoring?

Any Marquette student enrolled for credit. (Keep in mind, our program is designed to support 1000-2000 level courses only.)

How much does tutoring cost?

Nothing. Tutoring is FREE.

Do many students sign up for tutoring?

Yes! We coordinate ~5,000 tutorial requests per year.

How do I sign up for tutoring?

Come to Coughlin Hall, Room 145, and complete a Tutor Request Form. If a group is available, we will let you know on the spot or contact you as soon as possible if another group becomes available. The sign up deadline each semester is the final day to drop a course with a "W" on your transcript (usually three weeks before the last day of classes).

How does tutoring work?

When we receive a minimum of three requests for the same subject/instructor, we will try to identify a tutor whose schedule works with yours. If we are able to accommodate your request(s), you will be contacted with the day and time that your tutorial(s) will meet. Drop-in tutoring for various subjects are offered on Sundays. Please contact the main office weekly for a list of Sunday drop-in subjects offered.

Am I guaranteed to get a tutor?

Although we do our very best to identify tutors and coordinate tutorial groups, we cannot guarantee tutorial sessions. Be proactive! Utilize instructor or TA office hours, or form your own study groups for outside class assistance.

Will I be tutored in a group?

Yes, you will be tutored in a group of three to six students.

How do I get private/individual tutoring?

The Tutorial Program does not offer private/individual tutoring. However, we can pass along your request to our tutors as a courtesy. Any arrangements are then made outside of our office (i.e., pay, etc.).

Where do tutorial sessions meet?

Coughlin Hall, Room 145. Once you've been assigned to a group, check the whiteboard in the main office for the location of your tutorial group.

How often will my tutorial group meet?

Tutorial groups meet one hour per week (some are 50 minutes if the tutor or you need to get to your next class).

Do I need to prepare before my tutorial session?

Yes! The tutors expect that you will come with your course materials, along with questions about the material you have covered. If you don't prepare, you won't benefit from the session.

What happens if I miss a session?

You may contact the main office as a courtesy at 414-288-3270 (you will still be marked absent). If you miss three sessions, you will be dropped from your group to make space for another student. There are no excused absences.

What if I'm dropped from tutoring but I still really need it?

Depending on the circumstances, you may be readmitted to a tutorial group after speaking to a member of the OSES professional staff. If readmitted and all groups are full, you may be put on a waiting list and contacted if another group opens.

Who are the tutors?

Mainly Marquette undergraduates who have received a B+ or better (or equivalent transfer course/AP or other credit) in the course they are tutoring. Marquette graduate students occasionally tutor as well.

Are there any other services I can use?

Yes! Our professional staff can meet with you individually or will work with you to schedule a group meeting to help with time management or other study skills. Call us at (414) 288-4252 to set up an appointment.


About Student Educational Services

The Office of Student Educational Services is committed to contributing to the positive growth and development of students as they seek to obtain academic and personal success at the university. This commitment may be expressed in three different ways:

  1. by our direct services to students;
  2. through responsive programs designed to meet student needs;
  3. by sharing with the greater campus and beyond the insights we gain from our practice.