Urban Scholars


Welcome to the Urban Scholars Program!

As an urban university, Marquette is committed to educating talented students from its surrounding community and similar urban areas across the country. Inspired by this commitment, the university proudly supports the Urban Scholars Program, which provides at least five(5) full-tuition awards to academically promising students from disadvantaged backgrounds in Milwaukee-area high schools and the Cristo Rey High School Network and the Boys and Girls Clubs of both Greater Milwaukee and America. Award winners participate in a variety of academic and extracurricular activities as part of the program.

In alignment with Marquette's mission of a transformational Catholic, Jesuit education, the Urban Scholars Program exists to ensure academic excellence, create a sense of community among the scholars, and connect the scholars to campus and its community by walking in and spreading the spirit of dumela. The Urban Scholars Program is rooted in cura personalis and strives to instill the spirit of the magis in its students, preparing them to be men and women for others.

To achieve these goals, the Urban Scholars Program facilitates opportunities for academic excellence, community building, personal development and service to the community.


About Urban Scholars

In 2006, Marquette introduced the Urban Scholars program, which offers up to 10 annual, full-tuition renewable scholarships to economically disadvantaged students. Rooted in Marquette's tradition of increasing access to higher education, the scholarship program renews our emphasis on being inclusive and modeling a more diverse community.