Each college is responsible for determining the weapons policies of those off-campus facilities in Wisconsin at which university students have clinical placements and for encouraging those facilities to post “Weapons are prohibited in this building” or similar signage if they have not already done so. For liability reasons, the university will not attempt to require by contract or other agreement that such facilities post no-weapons signage.

Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of each Dean to evaluate those situations where facilities refuse or fail to make such postings to determine if they remain appropriate venues for clinical placements for university students. Security concerns should be addressed to Chief Larry Rickard in the Department of Public Safety. Legal and contractual concerns should be addressed to Doug Smith in the Office of General Counsel. Deans must carefully weigh all relevant educational considerations in determining how best to proceed in these circumstances.

Deans should notify the Provost of the names and locations of any clinical placements where such signage has not been posted for which the dean has determined that clinical placement should nevertheless continue. This will assist in managing any ongoing security concerns related to the placements.


Any questions about the weapons policy?

Call the Department of Public Safety at (414) 288-6800 with concerns about violations of the weapons policy. For emergencies call 288-1911.

The university considers any violation of its weapons policy to be a serious matter.