Marquette University enforces a no weapons policy. The following provision shall be included in all contracts in which the contractor is or may be required to have contractor personnel physically on university property:

Contractors, contractor employees, and subcontractors and subcontractor employees may not:

The university considers this provision to be a material term of the agreement.  Contractor is responsible for educating contractor employees on the requirements of this provision.  Contractor shall immediately and permanently exclude from university property any contractor or subcontractor personnel in violation of this provision.  Contractor acknowledges that there is no adequate cure for even a single breach of this provision and hereby waives any right to notice or to cure for violations of this provision in advance of university's termination of this agreement for default for violation of this provision.


Any questions about the weapons policy?

Call the Department of Public Safety at (414) 288-6800 with concerns about violations of the weapons policy. For emergencies call 288-1911.

The university considers any violation of its weapons policy to be a serious matter.