Wi-Fi Do's and Don'ts for Students in Residence Halls and University Apartments

Follow these tips for getting the best experience from the MU Wi-Fi networks in residence halls and university apartments.


  • Do use the MU Secure wireless network for your phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Do use the MU Open wireless network or (even better) a wired ethernet connection when available for devices such as your smart TVs and gaming consoles. A wired connection will reduce Wi-Fi footprint in the area (leaving it free for other devices) and provide the most consistent streaming and gaming experience. If wired ports are not available, then to use MU Open wireless, please read and follow these MU Open instructions before attempting to connect.
  • Do use your room's activated wired ethernet network jack or jacks. If you have the option to use a wired ethernet network jack while in your room for remote learning please do. A wired connection will offer you the best network performance.
  • Do use your devices Wi-Fi settings to “forget” and re-add the MU Secure wireless network If you’re having intermittent issues with a specific device such as a phone or laptop. If problems persist, please contact the IT Services Help Desk.
  • Do turn off your personal video if you experience network issues during a virtual meeting. You may also experiment with disabling incoming video. If you are using a wired connection and/or your Wi-Fi responsiveness seems good outside of the meeting, it may be true that one of the other individuals in the meeting is having network problems (e.g., should sound only be garbled when they talk and everyone else is clear and understandable).
  • Do record a precise location (building, floor, room or area), type of issue and type of client, relative crowd size in the area, and time of day when reporting a network issue to the IT Services Help Desk. These details will help us investigate the potential cause and devise a solution


  • Don’t connect to the MU Guest or MU Open wireless networks with a device that is capable of connecting to MU Secure. MU Guest and MU Open networks will not allow you to access campus resources and may offer inferior networking speed. If you already have joined one or both of these networks with a device capable of connecting to MU Secure, then to protect against accidentally re-connecting, use your Wi-Fi settings on the device to “forget” them from your list of wireless networks.
  • Don’t place any large pieces of furniture, especially electronics or appliances, in front of the white Cisco devices located on a wall in your apartment (roughly one to two feet off of the floor level). These Cisco access points provide the wireless network signals to the surrounding area. Obstructions and radio interference from electronics, appliances or fans can cause wireless connectivity and performance issues for you and/or your neighbors.
  • Don’t bring a wireless router, wireless extender or wireless printer to use in your residence hall room or university apartment. These device’s wireless signal will cause interference with the Marquette wireless network and impact performance and availability in the area for you and for your neighbors. Activated wireless “hotspot” functionality on phones may also cause interference. A wired network printer with the wireless feature disabled or direct-connect USB-style printer however may function.


Please contact the IT Services Help Desk at (414) 288-7799.