Test Eduroam at Marquette Before You Go

  1. While on the Marquette campus and near a Wi-Fi hotspot, open your Wi-Fi connections and select the eduroam network name.
  2. You are prompted for a username and password. Enter your Marquette email address (e.g., firstname.lastname@marquette.edu) and password. Please note that you must enter your full email address, including @marquette.edu.
  3. If this is your first time connecting, you will be prompted to accept or download the eduroam certificate. This is a certificate used to ensure you're connecting to the correct network. Once the certificate is accepted, you will be authenticated using your credentials.
  4. If successfully authenticated, you will be placed on the eduroam Wi-Fi network. This network is limited to web browsing (i.e., you will not have access to restricted student, faculty or staff resources).
  5. Once you have successfully connected to eduroam, be sure to switch back to your standard Marquette Wi-Fi setup for Windows, Mac, iOS or Android.
  6. After your device connects to eduroam at Marquette, you should not need to make any changes when at another eduroam location.

Marquette University students, faculty and staff should not use eduroam regularly on Marquette's campus network.