Connect Android to MU Secure Wi-Fi

Use MU Secure to connect Android devices to campus Wi-Fi.

  1. Access the Settings for your Android device.
    Android Settings icon
  2. From the Settings screen, tap Connections. (The option may also be called Wi-Fi or Wireless & Networks.)
    Android Connections option
  3. For the Connections screen, tap Wi-Fi.
    Android Wi-Fi settings
  4. When near areas with campus Wi-Fi, you will see MU Secure. Tap MU Secure.
    Wi-Fi choices with MU Secure identified with an arrow
  5. A prompt appears for MU Secure. For "Select certificate," choose "Don't validate."

    Select Don't Validate

  6. Add the following domain to the domain field:

    Add domain as

  7. Scroll to Identity and enter your Marquette username (e.g., 1881eagleg — not your email address). Skip "Anonymous identity." For Password, enter your Marquette password. Then tap Connect.

    Android Wi-Fi username and password

  8. If login is successful, you will see the newly added MU Secure network show as "Connected."

    Connected to MU Secure