Connect iPhone/iPad to MU Secure Wi-Fi

Use MU Secure to connect iOS devices to campus Wi-Fi. These screenshots are specific to the iPhone, but the text instructions apply to the iPad and iPod touch as well.

  1. From your iOS device, tap the Settings icon.
    iOS settings icon
  2. From Settings, tap Wi-Fi
    Wi-Fi icon
  3. When near areas with campus Wi-Fi, you will see MU Secure under "Choose a Network." Tap MU Secure.
    MU Secure is highlighted among Wi-Fi networks with an arrow
  4. You are prompted to login. Enter your Marquette username (e.g., 1881eagleg — not your email address) and password and tap Join.
    iOS prompt for username and password
  5. A certificate screen appears. Tap Trust.
    iOS screen showing certificate and arrow directing user to tap Trust
  6. Your iOS device shows a check mark next to MU Secure to indicate you have successfully joined MU Secure.
    iOS Wi-Fi screen showing MU Secure