Spring 2018 50-Word Short Story Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Norman H. Ott Memorial Writing Center’s Spring 2018 50-Word Short Story Contest!

Taking the first place prize, Tanya Onushko is the Assistant Chair and an instructor for biomedical engineering.

Mamma mia! Princess is in danger. Run! Grab the mushroom to grow and pick the flower for firepower. Jump! Land on your enemies’ heads. Hurry! Up the stairs, down the flagpole, and through the castle to battle her captor to win the princess’s heart - dreamt the other brother.

In second place, Steve Hartman Keiser is an associate professor for the English department.

The ebony creature -- head of human, body of lion, sleek and shiny as rock -- smirks: "You swear you'll slay me? Ha! Words, my dear Pangram, mean nothing. Can even an entire alphabet kill me?" I leap, sword bared: "Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow!" I use every dear letter.

In third place, Yuvraj Singh is a senior psychology major.

It's awfully lonely here. Sitting between two worlds. Neither really here nor really there. Often, I wonder what it’s like. To be fully here or fully there. A country I haven't seen or the one that doesn't see me. Two histories. Two cultures. Two faces. But I guess that's me.

The Norman H. Ott Memorial Writing Center staff would like to thank everyone for their submissions to the contest.