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The Ott Memorial Writing Center offers free workshops on a variety of topics connected to writing. All workshops are open to all members of the Marquette community. Click on the title for more information and to register.

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Workshop or Event Title Date and Time Location Description

Mastering MLA Citations


September 25 (Tuesday)

3:30p.m. to 4:30p.m.

Raynor 245

Need help figuring out in-text citations, your works cited, or formatting guidelines for MLA? Come for examples of how to incorporate various types of sources and practice doing so.

Writing in Theology

September 27 (Thursday)

5p.m. to 6p.m.

Marquette Hall 100 Geared toward students in Theology 1001 in particular, this workshop covers specific conventions for answering Theology exam questions but will cover writing in the discipline more broadly as well. Are you currently enrolled in Foundations of Theology? Need a refresher on writing for an upper-level Theology course? This workshop is for you!

About APA Citations

October 1

6p.m. to 7p.m.

Raynor 245

(Re)Discover the ins and outs of APA style and citations, everything from paper organization to what goes in an in-text citation.


Creating Effective Posters

October 9



Digital Studio Lab (Raynor Basement)

In conjunction with D.S.L., we'll cover how to craft appealing, informative, and attention-grabbing posters. Learn how to condense a project into a poster as well as best formatting and presentation practices.

Writing Retreat

October 13 (Saturday)

10:30a.m. to 2:30p.m.


Raynor Suite D Need to get writing done? Got a big midterm coming up? Struggling with time management and need a dedicated chunk of time for working? Our writing retreats are perfect for getting lots of work done!
Creating Effective Posters

October 23


Digital Studio Lab (Raynor Basement) Bring whatever research poster you're working on to workshop and review with a tutor and members fo the Digital Studio Lab.
Writer Fight Club

November 8 (Thursday)

6p.m. to 8p.m.

Raynor Suite B/C The annual battle of wit and quotation. Pick a writer, choose some awesome (short!) quotes, compete for audience applause.
Creative Writing Workshop

November 13

6p.m. to 8p.m.

Raynor 245

An hour of working on creative projects (prompts provided, if you want) and an hour of sharing and workshopping. If you want time to work on a creative writing assignment, to share your work, or to write for fun come on by!

Celebrate NaNoWrMo with us and light refreshments!

Phenomenal Personal Statements

November 14 (Wednesday)

6p.m to 7p.m.

Raynor 245 Are you preparing for graduate, law, or medical school? This workshop is for you! Come see examples of personal statements and learn what to put in yours!