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Working With Other Tutors

In working with my peers, I’ve learned that we all caught on to different portions of one another’s videos. For example, Mady noticed right away that my appointment was different because I worked with someone who was a precious tutor. I noticed Hannah was working with an ELL student just from watching the clip and Maggie and Hannah both caught on to the best practices in other group members’ videos.

Ultimately, it was hard to pick one person’s video to put forward for the group. We all had in some way implemented at least 3 of the 4 best practices we were focused on for this VPOD discussion. However, because we knew so many of us tutors are working hard to understand the new FYE program, we decided Maggie’s video provided a lot of opportunities to address that field and ask questions of our peers. We came up with strong questions together and also created backup questions. Some of these discussion questions included: if you could ask the FYE Director one thing, what would it be? How are you cooperating with students who come in confused? And what are you doing as a tutor to understand kairos and exigence in addition to the rhetorical triangle (logos, ethos, and pathos) as well as the GAP (genre, audience, and purpose)?

At the end of the meeting, I felt like I’d gotten to learn some neat things about my colleagues’ styles of tutoring. I also felt like we were able to address not only our strengths, but our weaknesses as well. These included topics like remembering to steer clients away from citation generators and to be careful of unproductive directiveness. All the weaknesses we discussed were good reminders that as tutors we, too, have more to learn.

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