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Pre-departure Links


Before entering your host country, you will be required to obtain certain travel documents. Other documents are useful but not required.


Passport (required)

All U.S. citizens must have a passport to travel outside the United States. Information about obtaining a passport can be found on the United States Department of State's website. Passports are usually valid for 10 years, so it is not too early to apply for one now.

Visa (required)

Almost all countries require you to obtain a visa for stays longer than 90 days and sometimes even for a shorter stay. A visa, often in the form of a stamp in your passport, grants you permission to enter and study in the host country.

Marquette students are responsible for obtaining their own visas. In almost all cases, you will need to apply for your visa with the nearest consulate of the country of your destination prior to your departure. Visas usually require four to six weeks for processing. You must be able to prove at the time of application that you have been accepted to a study abroad program.

The visa application process can be very sensitive. Therefore, we advise you to find out well in advance which documents you will need to submit, when and how (online, in person, regular mail.) Each U.S. consulate sets its own regulations for visa applications. Some consulates will allow you to apply via mail, and others will require you to appear in person. We advise you to read the information and follow instructions carefully. Country-specific visa guidelines are available on our site.

For more information, please visit the United States Department of State's website or contact your host country's consulate in the United States.

HTH Worldwide Health Insurance (required)

All Marquette students participating in a program abroad are required to be enrolled in HTH Worldwide insurance. Your HTH insurance card can be downloaded from the HTH website and contains critical policy numbers and contact information and should be kept with you for the duration of your program abroad. 

International Student Identity card (optional)

The ISIC card offers special discounts abroad and on airfare. It can be obtained online or in the Office of International Education, Alumni Memorial Union, room 425. You will need one passport-sized photo and a check or exact cash in the amount of $22.



Office of International Education

OIE works to promote the internationalization of Marquette University by recruiting and advising international students and scholars, developing vibrant partnerships with international institutions and providing innovative study abroad opportunities.
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