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South Africa

Girls and Boys Town, South Africa consists of eight registered Children’s Homes throughout the country that house and care for challenged youth.  The organization’s mission is to assist children from all races, religions, genders, social statuses and languages and to provide second chances for those struggling specifically with abuse, neglect, abandonment, poor school behavior, poverty, discipline issues, rejection of authority, or lack of social skills.  Dingle (Boys Town) and Alpha (Girls Town) Houses in Kenilworth are family style residential facilities that are designed for children who are unable to live with their own families or in foster care.  Girls and Boys town is unique in that the youth, while under the supervision and guidance from their Family Teachers and other adults, actually govern themselves.  Their vision is to see youth grow in their responsibility, respect, and leadership by creating and reinforcing their own rules.



Anna Johnson

As a Service Learner at Girls and Boys Town, I have two main responsibilities that I work on weekly.  Primarily I work with a 16 year old boy, who is not currently attending school, on developing his Independent Living Skills.  This has involved creating his resume, searching for appropriate job opportunities, and practicing interview skills.  Occasionally I have worked with other boys on some of the same skills when they are temporarily suspended.  Second, I create and teach group sessions on various health related issues to the two different houses on separate days.   Together we have discussed the health risks of smoking, the physiological results of stress and proper management, and tattoo and piercing dangers. We also have spent much time learning about STI/STDs other than HIV.

One of my main challenges has been to present the material in a manner that appeals to the different groups.   The boys need very engaging activities that keep them moving and discussing.  I've been able to bond with the girls much more and gain their respect so we are able to cover a larger amount of information.  Both groups believe many myths about general health, hygiene, and how diseases are spread which have needed to be clarified before each new topic is started. 



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