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South Africa

Cheshire Home is in the township Langa and is a residence home for adults with mental and/or physical disabilities. It currently houses and approximately 20 residents.


Kristen Field

Spring 2010 Participant          

At Cheshire Home I was given the freedom to do pretty much whatever I wanted. For 3 hours each day, 2 days a week, I was instructed to come up with my own programs to run with the residents. In the end I ended up creating art workshops for the residence one day a week and then the other day doing an activity, such as "bowling".  This was an amazing opportunity to actually create activities for the residence and a very rewarding experience. I really loved my time at Cheshire Home getting to know all the residence who are extremely welcoming and really invited me into their lives quite quickly. I feel very blessed to have met them all.

The only downside to creating my own art projects for the residence to do was that I had to bring all my own supplies, which was a little hard on my budget. If you are going to be working at this site I would come prepared before coming to South Africa with activities and budget accordingly.

Cheshire Home is a really great place that needs creative people to give the residence something productive and stimulating to do with their time.

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