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South Africa

Mama Maposela is an orphanage with strong ties to the community of the township of Nyanga. Zelphina Maposela was a social worker in the Eastern Cape for decades, and earned the trust of the families she served. Ten years ago, single parents dying of AIDS or tuberculosis began leaving their children in the care of Zelphina and her household grew and grew. Today Zelphina houses over 35 children and runs a daycare in her home and a breadline out of her own kitchen. It has been funded by Children of South Africa, a support system for grassroots organizations, and has official Not For Profit government status.


Laura Eppinger
Fall 2006 South Africa Service Learning participant 

My official job is doing public relations for the CHOSA Fundraising Department under Chair Ellen Rosenberg. Because Mama’s house is overcrowded and understaffed, I take on childcare and household tasks as well.

Note: This is not a site for picky eaters (it is rude to turn down offered food in Xhosa culture) or germaphobes.

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