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South Africa

The Youth Cultural Connection Project is committed to a peaceful co-existence of all humanity through educational and creative programming which enables young people to actively participate in projects connecting them with the youth of other cultures and backgrounds.  We are currently working daily with over 100 youth from three different culturally diverse areas of Masiphumelele, Lavender Hill, and Retreat. The youth are creating individual portfolios about themselves, their community, and their culture, which will be shared with the youth in the different communities, including youth from the United States. Through the sharing of stories, letters, poems, music, and photography the youth have the opportunity to learn about the common interests and qualities which connect them as youth , new cultural traditions which make them unique, and most importantly the ways in which, no matter where you are from in the world, exists the shared life experience of being human.

At this site the service learner will provide guidance for the youth through the daily lessons and creation of their individual portfolios. One of the main and exciting projects for the youth is our photography project where the participants each receive their own disposable camera to take pictures around their community of the school, church, home, family, and friends.

Once the pictures are developed they are used for a variety of projects for their portfolios. The project also holds events which bring the youth together, such as dances, community projects, and sporting events. For more information please refer to the website or contact Elizabeth Benninger at



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