Study abroad in Madrid


Spanish Requirements

You do not need to be a Spanish major to participate in the program. However, depending on when you want to go to Spain, at the time you apply for admission, you must have completed at least:

Fall or Spring semesters

2 courses above the intermediate (second year) level in college Spanish or one course above the intermediate level and be enrolled in a second course at the time of application or demonstrate an equivalent proficiency in Spanish. For Marquette students, this means they must have completed SPAN 3001 and SPAN 3500 before departure.

One of the courses above the intermediate level must be a composition and conversation course or its equivalent. Exceptions to this rule are made only in the cases of students who have acquired proficiency in Spanish through personal circumstances and/or living experiences.

Summer semester

Students should have completed two semesters of college-level Spanish or the equivalent prior to participation in this program. 



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