Study abroad in Madrid



Fall and Spring Semesters

Fall and spring orientations include 24 class hours of language instruction, emphasizing speaking and listening skills, and lectures on culture, literature, art and history. The orientation program comprises three semester credits. Marquette students studying in the fall or spring may take this course to fulfill an elective in the Spanish major or minor or as a general elective. Non-Marquette students should check with their home institutions about the transferability of credit for the orientation.

In addition to the academic component, the orientation includes an introduction to the city of Madrid through bus and walking tours of the city and sessions on cultural differences between the United States and Spain and adjusting to a new culture.

Additional tours/excursions are included in the spring orientation to ensure it meets the requirements for a three-credit course.

NOTE: Credit for orientation is granted only upon completion of all elements of the orientation and completion of the regular semester classes.

Students in Madrid for the academic year participate only once in the orientation and therefore are only eligible to receive credit once.

The fall orientation is four weeks. The spring orientation is three weeks.

Summer Session

The summer session includes a one-day orientation session upon arrival in Spain.  Students will move directly into their housing selections, whether homestay or the Colegio Mayor.







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