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The Marquette Study Center is part of Reunidas, a group of seven American colleges and universities affiliated with the Universidad Complutense, and is housed in the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras.

Reunidas designed a special curriculum to accommodate the needs of American program students, and all courses are taught exclusively in Spanish by professors from the Complutense. Joint courses ensure academic quality, accreditation, and a more diverse and challenging curriculum for students with a variety of backgrounds, language skills, interests and goals. Enrollment in these courses is limited to Reunidas students.

Additionally, fall and spring semester students are strongly encouraged to enroll in at least one Complutense course with Spanish students. These courses are available to program students on a space-available basis and may require special skills and/or arrangements. Courses in the Facultad de Filosofía y Ciencias de la Educación, Facultad Filología, and Facultad Geografía e Historia are included in the program's tuition. Courses may be available in other facultades at an additional fee. Students interested in Complutense courses should discuss their plans with the resident director shortly after arriving in Spain.

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