Study abroad in Madrid





Fall semester: late August to late December

August 31 Students arrive in Madrid
September 1 General orientation meeting
September 2 Placement exam
September 5-23 Orientation class
September 11 Move in with host families
September 17 Group day trip
September 26 First day of Reunidas classes
October 5 Culture shock workshop
October 7 Last day to add classes in Reunidas
October 14 Last day to add classes in Complutense
October 15-16 Group weekend trip
October 22-23 Mission trip with SLU, to Loyola (opt)
October 29-November 1 Puente (no class)
November 17-18; 21-22 Mid-term exams
December 20-21 Final exams (MU fall/semester students)
December 22-January 8 Christmas break (academic year students)
  **Dates subject to change

Spring semester: early January to late May

January 9 Students arrive in Madrid
January 10 Placement exam
January 10-11 Orientation meetings
January 11-25 Orientation class
January 15 Move in with host families
January 30 First day of Reunidas classes
February 4 Group trip to Toledo
February 10 Last day to add classes in Reunidas
February 13 Classes begin in Complutense (2nd curso)
March 9-11 Mission trip with SLU to Loyola (opt)
March 23-29 Mid-term exams
March 30-April 9 Easter break (Semana Santa)
April 21-22 Group trip to Asturias/La Rioja
May 16 Graduation Ceremony
May 25-31 Reunidas final exams
June 1-30 Complutense final exams
  **Dates subject to change


Summer: July

July 1 Students arrive in Madrid
July 31 Students return to the U.S.
  **Dates subject to change




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OIE works to promote the internationalization of Marquette University by recruiting and advising international students and scholars, developing vibrant partnerships with international institutions and providing innovative study abroad opportunities.
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