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Marquette En Madrid Program Staff

The Marquette en Madrid program is coordinated in Madrid by Resident Director Dr. Liliana de la Luz Quiles. She is supported by Paloma Lanchedo, program coordinator. Jessica Lothman, Marquette's study abroad coordinator, is located in Milwaukee and manages the application process and all pre-departure procedures. Alyssa Shaff, program alum and graduate student assistant, will be supporting all on-campus advising.

Student Blogs

Follow Marquette en Madrid Students on the Marquette Global Tumblr blog. Each semester will feature a student Global Correspondent studying abroad in Madrid.


You will need to apply for your Spanish student visa directly with the consulate, which has jurisdiction over the state in which you permanently reside.

Get a jump on your studies by visiting the Spanish version of this popular site! It includes a rich assortment of features, including interactive virtual tours, delicious recommendations for native foods, and fascinating arts and culture destinations.

A natural companion to its Spain travel guide, this site offers a quick overview of Madrid's history, places to see, restaurants, nightlife, shopping destinations and smart travel tips.

Lonely Planet gives visitors quick access to key information to make their visits exciting. Features include traveler facts, off-the-beaten path attractions, short essays on Spanish history and culture, and a handy guide for budgeting.

Chart your journey by checking out where you can travel on the train in Spain. This site allows you to check rail lines, schedules and prices.

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