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All students are required to attend a pre-departure orientation. The date for spring 2011 will be announced when it is available.


If you do not have a passport, you should apply for one as soon as possible because you will need it to apply for your Spanish visa. Information about how to obtain a passport can be found at


As a student studying in Madrid, you are required to obtain a student visa. This visa is a special stamp in your passport issued by the Spanish government that allows you to enter and stay in Spain for longer than the typical tourist stay. The visa application requires a number of supporting documents that can be time consuming to obtain, therefore we recommend that you begin to collect these documents as soon as possible, even if you are still waiting for your passport to arrive.

Class Registration  

You are not required to register for next semester’s courses before your departure. This will be done for you before the commencement of your semester in Spain.

Marquette students: You are required to meet with your academic adviser this semester and must turn in a completed and signed registration card to your college as required.

Non-Marquette students: Check with your study abroad adviser for the specific abroad class registration procedures of your home university.


Students in the Marquette en Madrid program are strongly encouraged to fly on the designated group flight but are responsible for booking their own flights. Students arriving on the designated flight will be met by the resident director. Please see your handbook for more information about arrival.

Designated Flight:


You are free to return to the United States as you wish but no sooner than the end of your final exams. Student travel companies usually have considerably cheaper student rates. Two helpful resources for student travel, which may be used to book flights to and from Madrid, are Student Universe and STA Travel.


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