Learn about the internship program

The Arts and Sciences Internship Program, funded through the Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation, connects students in the college to off-campus opportunities. Grant funds allow the program to provide compensation ($13 per hour) while students earn academic credit at Marquette. The Arts and Sciences Internship Program is a joint partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences and the Educational Opportunity Program.

At their internships, students gain valuable real-world work experiences and professional training that will help them in their post-graduation job search. Internships are a great way to learn more about a specific field, receive mentoring from a professional, and gain skills that are highly sought after in the marketplace.

Current interns have spoken to the direct benefits of the program:

  • — “I’ve grown in my personal confidence. I feel I’ve started developing a professional persona. I’ve become much more organized and my time management is getting better too.”
  • — “I have made professional contacts and gained a broader range of culture competence/perspective.”
  • — “I have gained a greater understanding of the work local government does for its constituents which has helped me narrow down on a path for a future career.”
  • — “My internship has opened more doors for me, thinking beyond what I had/have originally planned.”

The Arts and Sciences Internship Program partners with Milwaukee area nonprofit and for-profit organizations to establish internships that provide practical and hands-on career experiences for qualifying junior and senior Marquette students.

The Arts and Sciences Internship Program is funded through the 2017-2018 school year.

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