Antony receives over half-million dollar grant from DOE


More than a third of all known proteins to date are either oxidoreductases or metalloproteins. The diversity of metal cofactors and redox centers in these proteins make them attractive candidates for engineering protein-based biocatalysts, biosensors, and biofuel cells, among other necessary tools for the bioeconomy.  Many of these enzymes function as large multi-subunit complexes arranged as symmetric or asymmetric assemblies, and the purpose of this architecture is unclear. Dr. Edwin Antony has just been awarded a $510,845 grant from the Department of Energy to address this fundamental question by investigating the mechanism of action of two oxidoreductases: Nitrogenase and DPOR (Dark-Operative Protochlorophyllide Oxidoreductase, a nitrogenase-like oxidoreductase). Nitrogenase and DPOR play key roles in nitrogen fixation and photosynthesis, processes essential to sustaining life. 




Undergraduate Research and Academic Awards: Alexis Monical, Cory Leeways, Emily Nett, and Jensen Braun


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David DeFilippis receives NSF Research Fellowship


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Fitts receives $2.8 million grant to study effects of exercise


Schnitzer's lab finds vines in tropical forest may significantly accelerate climate change





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