Pursuing breakthroughs in the study of mitochondria

Stuart Feature Dr. Rosemary Stuart researches the complex inner workings of mitochondria. Cells require ATP to power their workload, -and in unlocking energy from it, they convert ATP into a form of cellular spent fuel known as ADP. That's where a network of five enzymes in the mitochondria kicks in. Through a process called oxidative phosphorylation, this enzyme system (known as OXPHOS machinery) pulls in ADP from the cell and converts it back into ATP, fresh fuel to keep the cell running.

 Stuart’s team, up until a few years ago, focused primarily on one important mechanism – how much OSPHOS machinery gets built in the first place. This investigation remains a fruitful project in Stuart’s lab, funded by a three-year $540,000 grant from the NSF.

 Then a few years ago, team members, including Andrew Furness, Arts ’07, discovered a previously unknown mitochondrial protein. Hig1 physically joins two of the five complexes in the OXPHOS system and appears to help them coordinate their activity. Through a $340,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health, researchers in Stuart’s lab are working to elucidate this interaction. Read more




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