Curriculum and Advising

The Biomedical Sciences undergraduate curriculum consists of human-oriented basic science courses that can be tailored to an individual’s career interests.

For example, pre-dental students can take courses such as head and neck anatomy, oral histology, and craniofacial development and genetics. Pre-medical students may wish to take advantage of human-oriented classes in pharmacology, pathology, histology, human physiology, and human anatomy, including a course in which human cadavers are dissected.

As a result, undergraduate students in the Department of Biomedical Sciences are well-prepared for a wide variety of health care career paths.

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Curriculum Plans

Below are curriculum plans for the Biomedical Sciences undergraduate programs:

Pre-Health Profession FAQs and Information

Frequently asked questions about tracking pre-medical studies and pre-dental studies as a biomedical sciences student.

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions for all Biomedical Sciences courses may be found in the College of Health Sciences Bulletin.

Internships for Biomedical Sciences Students

Each year, we have many students pursue internships with companies and non-profit organizations. If you would like more information, please visit Internship Opportunities.

Interested in getting a Minor?

Below are helpful resources for helping you learn about available minors and their requirements: