Graduate certificate in dispute resolution

(Note: Applications are not currently being accepted for certificate in dispute resolution.)

Who is it for?

The certificate is a post-baccalaureate program designed to train professionals to practice as third-party neutrals in dispute resolution or be knowledgeable participants in the dispute resolution process.

With appropriate approvals, credits earned in the graduate programs in dispute resolution may be applied to Marquette's master's degrees in:

Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate:

  • Dispute resolution process strategies in a court or field agency setting, under supervision of a faculty member
  • Knowledge and skills in addressing the emotional component of a dispute and implement appropriate dispute resolution strategies


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(Although the wording in the Success section of the Gainful Employment form refers to 2012-13, the data actually reports those who completed between 2013-14)



  • Julie O'Halloran

    Dispute Resolution Graduate
    Certificate '10
    Attorney, Gagne & O'Halloran

    "The dispute resolution courses have provided more perspective about interpersonal relationships than all of the continuing legal education courses I have taken during my 22 years of practice."

  • Gail Buenger

    J.D., Law '02
    Dispute Resolution Certificate '03
    Aurora Health Care Metro Region
    Vice President of Operations

    “The Graduate Dispute Resolution Program was the best part of my Marquette Law School experience. It allowed me to almost immediately apply dispute resolution techniques into my daily work life. I believe my Dispute Resolution Certificate set me apart from other law school graduates.”

  • Dr. Richard E. Brigham

    Graduate Certificate '10
    Licensed Psychologist

    "While I was developing skills for a career as a mediator, I soon found that I could use them in my day-to-day work. My interests in dispute resolution include education, family and guardianship."


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