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This month at Marquette

"Your service to Marquette makes a difference ..."

Dr. Michael R. Lovell

A thank-you letter to our alumni volunteers from Dr. Michael R. Lovell, president, Marquette University.

Read more.

Find your volunteer passion

As a Marquette graduate, parent or friend, you know what it means to live life as a person for others.

Share the excitement and camaraderie of Marquette with your community. Volunteering can take as little or as much time as you would like, in a group or on an individual basis.

Explore your volunteer options and sign up to learn more about volunteering with Marquette.

Crowdfunding at Marquette
Crowdfunding is crowd fun

What do a robot, a South African student and a library database have in common? They were part of Marquette students' first attempt at crowdfunding. Read the full story.

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