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This month at Marquette

Explore the world with the Marquette alumni travel program

In the spirit of Father Jacques Marquette, famed Jesuit explorer and Marquette University's namesake, we invite you to take full advantage of your alma mater's exciting travel program. Explore unique and interesting areas of the world with old classmates and friends; learn about other people and cultures; or simply relax in beautiful surroundings.

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November reflection: A prayer for the Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving has the distinction that its celebration is not limited to a single religion, race, or ethnic origin. It is truly an American celebration that can be celebrated by all. As we rejoice in Thanksgiving, let us be mindful of the many gifts and graces that God has given us individually, and as a community.

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Marquette Magazine: Strange attraction

President Michael Lovell paused during his remarks and raised a Ziploc sandwich bag above the lectern and into the light. Tucked inside was one pair of soiled socks — his own socks — worn two weeks earlier running the Boston Marathon. Lovell handed the sealed specimen to Dr. George Corliss.

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