Concurrent Program Between the Law School and the
Graduate Programs in Dispute Resolution

Certificate and J.D. Degree

The Center for Dispute Resolution Education, in conjunction with the Law School, offers a program of concurrent study leading to a certificate in dispute resolution (C.D.R.) and a juris doctor degree. Students seeking admission to the joint program must apply to both the Graduate School and the Law School and must meet the admission requirements for both.

Concurrent program students must have completed 27 credit hours at the Law School with a cumulative average of 2.0 before entering the graduate program in dispute resolution (DIRS). Students will be able to apply the nine credits taken in DIRS towards their juris doctor degree. Law students could take any of the courses offered by DIRS for up to nine law school credits. A total of 15 credits are required for the C.D.R.

In general, concurrent program students will pay tuition at the full-time (flat tuition) Law School rate while a full-time law student, regardless of whether or not they are taking additional graduate courses. Upon receiving the juris doctor degree, joint program students will pay Graduate School tuition at the per credit rate for graduate courses. Part-time law students will typically pay the per credit Law School rate for law courses, and the per credit Graduate School rate for graduate courses.

Course Schedule


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