For Law Students Seeking the DIRS Certificate

Fifteen credits are required for the Certificate in Dispute Resolution (CDR). Law students must complete 9 DIRS credits to earn the certificate; of these 9 credits, six must be DIRS 6600 Mediation and DIRS 6605 Advanced Mediation. To earn the joint CDR, a law student will be required to take the following courses:

Required Courses:

DIRS 6600 Mediation 3 credits
DIRS 6605 Advanced Mediation 3 credits
LAW 7982 Mediation Clinic 2-3 credits
LAW 7930 Supervised Field Work 1 -3 credits
DIRS 6964 Practicum in Dispute Resolution 3 credits


Two of the following courses:

DIRS 6610 Dispute Resolution Theory 3 credits
DIRS 6615 Advanced Issues in Dispute Resolution 3 credits
LAW Elective An elective Law course from a set list as approved by both the Center for Dispute Resolution and the Law School 3 credits


A law student must complete 6 LAW credits and 9 DIRS credits to earn the joint certificate. There is no early or late date for pursuing the certificate. Some law students may come to the Law School having already decided to pursue the certificate.

A student might wait until he/she has completed some Law School courses and then decide to seek admission to the Graduate School in order to earn the certificate. The only requirement in this respect is that the student cannot wait so long that it becomes mathematically impossible to complete the requirements of both programs in four years (six years for part-time students).

Law students must complete a Graduate School application and submit official transcripts from all current/previous universities except Marquette. Letters of recommendation and test scores are waived for Marquette Law Students.

Course Schedule


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