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MU Career Manager and on-campus recruiting

Student Login | Alumni Login | Employer Login


MU Career Manager is the online career management tool for Marquette University students, alumni and employers. Students and alumni are encouraged to utilize MU Career Manager to:

  1. Apply to local, regional and national jobs and internships/co-ops posted daily by employers.
  2. Participate in on-campus interviews for jobs and internships/co-ops.
  3. Research employers attending upcoming on-campus career fairs.
  4. Review the schedule of upcoming information sessions and events to find the right opportunities for you.
  5. Become eligible for the resume referral program allowing employers to search for your resume.

Getting Started

ALL Marquette University undergraduate and graduate students* have an account.

  • Log in easily using your CheckMarq/eMarq username and password
  • Existing Users

    • Verify your existing MU Career Manager account profile
    • Make any updates to your account profile
    • Activate your account profile by providing and updating the information requested
  • New Users

    • Activate your MU Career Manager account profile
    • Complete your account profile and upload a current resume in less than five minutes
    • Need help writing a resume? Find tips on Resume and Cover Letter Writing
    • You may choose to have your resume critiqued by a career personnel

*This login process is for full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students.

Alumni will access the system using the alumni login

If you do not fall under any of these groups use the Alumni Login.

Student data is now imported each semester from the Office of Registrar. Some data is locked and can only be changed by Career Services for recruiting purposes. Locked fields include: Citizenship, Year in School, Major GPA, Grad Date, E-mail address, Username, MUID, Password.

Navigating MU Career Manager

My Account
Under this drop down you will find the following information:

  1. My Profile- Please make sure you keep your profile is kept up-to-date (ex. major, position seeking, phone number).
  2. My Documents– You can upload up to 10 resumes, 10 cover letters, unofficial transcripts and letters of recommendation. Make sure your default resume is always up-to-date.
  3. My Connections- This is where you can sign up for national job sites.
  4. My Activity- All system activity is tracked here including jobs you have applied for and employers who have viewed your resume (referrals), job agents, on-campus interview schedules you have signed up for, documents submitted and event registrations.

Employer Directory
Search for organizations and contact information for employers who have recruited Marquette students in the past.

  1. All employer contacts will be shown; you can search by organization name or city or conduct an advanced search.
  2. Please note that not all employers allow public viewing of contact information.
  3. If you can't find the information you are looking for, please contact Career Services for assistance.

Job and Internship Search

  1. Click on Job Search and view all active jobs and internships/co-ops posted for Marquette students and alumni. If you have signed up for the national job sites, you will see these search results on different tabs.
  2. You can do search by keyword (ex. Kohl’s) and position type (ex. internship)
  3. You can also conduct an advanced search if you know the Job ID or to search by Job Category (ex. Accounting/Auditing)
  4. You can save your search by clicking on “Save Search” or sign up for job agents* by clicking on “Email Me New Jobs for this Search”

    1. If you are qualified for the position, you will see a [Submit Resume] button at the top of the page. Click this to submit your resume directly to that employer.

      1. Tip: Even if the employer does not require a cover letter, we always recommend that students submit a cover letter to explain your interest in the position and why you are qualified.
    2. If you do not see the submit resume button, the employer has included alternate application instructions. Read the application instructions on the job posting carefully to learn how to apply for the position.
    3. If you do not meet the employer's qualifications, the reason why will be noted in red at the top of the page.

      1. Tip: You can still contact the employer to request permission to apply for the position/request an on-campus interview. Email the employer with your resume to express your interest in the position and include a short professional message to politely ask for consideration. Contact Career Services for assistance.

*Job Agents
Tip: If you would like to be emailed when a new job is posted or existing job is re-posted, click the [Email me New Jobs for this Search] button after you do a job search.

  1. Give your job agent a name that you will remember (ex. Milwaukee full-time marketing jobs).
  2. You can create an unlimited number of Job Agents.
  3. To change or disable your job agents, go to [My Account] then [My Activity] and click on the job agent tab.
  4. If you would simply like to save your job search, click the [Save Search] button.

Career Events
Search for on-campus and off-campus career fairs and career events

  1. All upcoming career events will be shown. You can also view career events by looking at your calendar on the main page.
  2. You can do a search by event date or category (ex. career fair)
  3. Career Fairs:

    1. To view the employers registered for a career fair, click on the [VIEW EMPLOYERS] button
  4. Registration may be required for some career events.
  5. Tip: If you would like to be emailed when a new event is posted, click the [Email me New Events for this Search] button after you do an event search. See “Job Agents” above for more information.

By activating/registering your MU Career Manager account, you give the University permission to release your information and resume to legitimate employers. The MUCSC has permission to verify all academic information. Note: Any false or incorrect information knowingly provided by a student or alum is cause for immediate and permanent removal from MU Career Manager.


on-Campus Recruiting (Internships & Full-Time positions)

Each semester more than 100 employers visit the Career Services Center to interview students for internships and full-time positions.

These employers represent business, industry, and government organizations. Employers from education, health, social services, publishing, advertising and related fields participate to a lesser extent in on-campus recruiting since their recruiting timelines differ. These employers often recruit students through job postings, career fairs, resume referral and internships.

On-Campus Interview Dates:
First semester: September-November
Second semester: February-April

Check out who is coming to campus this semester by logging onto MU Career Manager

You MUST have a complete MU Career Manager account in order to participate in the
On-Campus Interviewing Program. Please note our strict no-show policy for on-campus interviewing

On-Campus Interview Schedules

  1. Active students on MU Career Manager with an updated resume are eligible to request an on-campus interview schedules with companies scheduled to visit Marquette University. To request an interview, a student must be qualified for each interview based on criteria such as major, graduation date, GPA, etc.
  2. Employers instruct Career Services on their preferred process to conduct interviews which includes three different types of schedules (pre-select, open and room only).
  3. Most interview schedules are pre-select schedules which is a two-step process for students. A student requests an interview, employers review resumes and then invite students to interview. It is very important that students review the schedule timeline for each schedule to know the deadlines, but understand that the dates frequently change.
  4. To search, highlight the [On-Campus Interview Schedules] menu at the top.

    1. Click on [Apply- Qualified Schedules] to view all the upcoming interviews that the student is qualified for. Note the interview date and the interview location.
    2. Click on [View Only - All Schedules] to view all active interview schedules.

Preselect (PRS) Schedules

Step One: Request an interview

  1. Students can request an interview for a pre-select (PRS) schedule when the current sign up method is listed as “Resume Submission Period Open.” Students must request an interview by the "Resume Submission Closed Date."
  2. If a student would like to submit a resume for interview consideration, he/she must click the [Request Interview] button at the top of the screen. Note: Employers may have multiple positions linked to their interview schedule.
  3. When the [Request Interview] button is clicked, the student will be able to select the documents he/she wishes to submit. A student is able to do this through the Document Selection window. Note: All documents to be submitted must first be uploaded onto the Student Profile prior to submitting a schedule request.
  4. The employer will review student resumes and invite students to interview by the pre-select due date. Keep in mind that these dates often change. Students will receive an e-mail notification; either accepted or not accepted for an interview, when the employer has submitted their pre-selects.

Step Two: Sign up for an interview time
Accepted & Alternate Candidates Interview Timeslot Sign-Up:

  1. When a student is accepted to interview, he/she must follow the same sign-up procedures as an Open schedule.
  2. He/she can sign-up for an interview time when the “First Come, First Serve” sign-up date begins.
  3. Students have until until 8:00 a.m. the day before an interview to sign up/change their interview time for most schedules.

Open Schedules

To access the interview sessions that are available for that schedule, a student must click the [Sign-up] button at the top of the page.

  1. Qualified students are able to click on their desired interview time slot.
  2. The student will be able to select the documents he/she wishes to submit.
  3. A student is able to do this through the “Document Selection” window.
  4. Note: All documents to be submitted must first be uploaded onto the Student Profile prior to submitting a schedule request.

Room Only Schedules
Some employers choose to coordinate their own interview schedule for on-campus interviewing (room only schedules). These schedules will not be posted on the system. Employers will build room only schedules at the career fair or email students to set up an interview time.

Need Assistance?

  1. Stop in our office anytime!
    1. We are located in Holthusen Hall, first floor by the Varsity Theatre.
    2. We are open during the academic school year and in the summer. View our hours.
  2. Drop-In Hours
    1. Stop in Monday-Friday, 12pm-2pm to speak to a trained Career Intern if you have questions about MU Career Manager (ex. how to sign up for interviews, how to apply for jobs, etc) or if you would like a quick resume critique.
  3. Career Counseling Appointments
    1. You can make an appointment to meet with a career counselor.