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Post Career-Related Positions

Marquette University’s MU Career Manager (MUCM) allows you to post internships and full-time positions, schedule on-campus interviews, register for career fairs and events and in general gain access to our talented students and alumni. Employers are invited to post available positions free of charge provided they meet Marquette University Career Services Center Recruiting Policies.

MUCM Employer log-in
SET UP an Account
POST Internships and Full-Time Positions
REGISTER for Career Fairs and Events

SCHEDULE On-Campus Interviews and Information Sessions

SET UP an Account

New Users:

  • Your organization may already have an account.  Please click on “Click here to Register” to do a search to find your organization to see if your company has an existing account. If you cannot find your company, click on “Can’t find your organization?” and enter the required information. 
  • Please complete all the fields. Required fields are marked by a red asterisk. You will now be required to enter your individual email address as your username.

Registered Users:

  • Please enter the Username and Password that you established when you first set up your MUCM account. 
  • If you are unsure of your Username or need assistance with this process, please call the Career Services Center at 414.288.7423.  If you have forgotten your password, please call our office for your username. You will then go to the MUCM Employer Log-on, click “Forgot Password” and a temporary password will be emailed.
  • Please review your contact information under “My Profile” and make any needed changes, including verifying that your online application address is correct if applicable.


POST Internships and Full-Time Positions

Employers are encouraged to post all of their career-related part-time positions, internships and career-related full-time positions on our system.  This is the best way to first connect with our students and alumni. You are able to customize your posting so that students can apply through our system, via your website or both. Postings are typically approved in 2-3 business days.

Post a new job:

  • Select "My Jobs" from the menu bar, then click "New Job"
  • Under “Position Information,” enter all fields that are applicable, including your application instructions.  Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.  Please include as much detail as possible
  • Verify your "Contact Information” and make any necessary changes
  • Enter your "Posting Information”. You have the option to have students apply through MUCM or apply to you directly. Click "Save”.  Your job posting will be “pending” until it is approved by an administrator;
  • To view students who have applied, click on “View Activity” on the left hand side under “Page Functions”.


Repost a Job:

If you would like to re-post a position that has already been created, select “My Jobs”

  • Click on “Job List” and then click on the “Job ID” number
  • Under “Page Functions” on the left hand side of the screen, choose “Copy Job”
  • Click “Edit” and make necessary changes, including position requirements (ex. graduation dates).

Close a Job

  • To close an active job posting, click on “Close Job” on the left hand side under “Page Functions”.

REGISTER for Career Fairs and Events

  • The Marquette University Career Service Center hosts career fairs in the fall and spring. For an updated list of career fair dates, please visit our career events webpage.
  • To register for an upcoming Career Fair, select “Register for Career Fairs and Events” from the menu bar and then “Search”.
  • Choose Category: Career Fair, click on the name of the event you would like to attend and then click “Register Now.”
  • Please fill out all registration information as thoroughly as possible, including linking your job postings on the system.  This information will be printed in our Career Fair Guide distributed to students before and during the fair. 
  • Employers are able to pay for the Career Fair by credit card on the system site or mailing in a check.


SCHEDULE On-Campus Interviews and Information Sessions

  • Employers may reserve one of the interview suites in Career Services to interview students when classes are in session. Fall recruiting starts in September and runs through November.  Spring recruiting starts in February and runs through April.  For additional information and a list of the important academic dates, please visit our On-Campus Interviewing webpage.
  • You may call or email Liz Baird, Coordinator, Employer Relations, to reserve an interview date and room(s), or go directly to MUCM to set up an interview schedule.  There are three types of interview schedules: 
  • A PRE-SELECT (PRS) schedule means that the schedule is posted on MUCM and students are able to submit their resume through the system within the designated time frame.  Employers are then given a timeframe (typically 2-3 days) to review resumes and make their selections.  With a pre-select schedule, you will have the option to choose students as Accept, Not Accept or Alternate.  Students receive an automatic e-mail from the system with the employer has made their selections.  When the First Come First Serve time period opens, students log back onto their account to select a timeslot for the interview date.
  • An OPEN schedule means that the schedule is posted on MUCM and a student who meets the position’s qualifications can sign-up for a timeslot to interview on that day.
  • A ROOM ONLY schedule means the employer is responsible for creating their own interview schedule and coordinates their interview schedule with students directly.  Our office only provides the number of rooms needed.