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Welcome Marquette FAMILIES

Marquette University Career Services is committed to providing students with the resources necessary to make informed decisions and achieve career development goals. We want to support your efforts to help students use the resources we provide. As you connect with your student, and help to move them toward the goal of career success, we encourage you to incorporate this career information in your discussions. Review the information below and encourage your students to meet with a career professional early in their college experience.


Download a two-page handout Family Guide to Career Services



Career Appointments
Individual career appointments are available to students and alumni regarding all areas of career planning and preparation. Appointments can be schedule online through Handshake, our new online career platform, by logging in to https://marquette.joinhandshake.com.   

Common topics for appointments include:

  • Major and Career Exploration
  • Major and Career Research
  • Career Networking
  • Career Decision-Making
  • Internship and Job Search
  • Interviewing
  • Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Graduate/Professional School
  • Year of Service
  • Salary, Negotiation, and Financial Matters
  • Graduate Student Job Search: Academia
  • Graduate Student Job Search: Industry
  • Graduate Student Job Search: Alternative-Ac

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Drop-In Hours
A 10-15-minute meeting with a career intern covering an overview of Career Services or Handshake, a resume/cover letter critique, or a practice interview. Check http://www.marquette.edu/csc for each semester’s hours.

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On Campus Interviews
Career Services hosts hundreds of on campus interviews. We offer professional interview rooms for students to interview with employers for internship, co-op, and full-time positions. All interviews are scheduled through Handshake.

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LinkedIn Photo Booth and Business Cards
The LinkedIn Photo Booth is a free service to Marquette University students, alumni, faculty, and employees. Marquette students and alumni can purchase 30 business cards for $3.00 from the Career Services Center. Stop in to complete the order form along with your $3.00 cash. Orders will take approximately one week to be filled.

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Refer Your Student

Family members are often one of the first people a student turns to when seeking career advice. This makes sense as you have been guiding them throughout their life.  As you work to assist your sons and daughters who are considering their potential career paths, feel free to refer students to Career Services when career-related questions arise.

There are several options for referring a student to Career Services:

  1. Encourage them toschedule an appointmenton line via Handshake
  2. Call our office at 414-288-7423
  3. Tell them aboutDrop-in Hoursavailable weekdays
  4. Encourage them to stop in to our office inHolthusen Hallback to top

Ask them about their Handshake Account; Encourage them to Use it

Handshake, Marquette University's online career platform offers students the ability to:

  • Schedule career counseling appointments
  • View job and internship opportunities relevant to your career goals
  • Receive updates from the Career Services Center
  • Sign up for on-campus interviews
  • Register for Marquette career fairs and other career events on campus
  • Follow and connect with favorite employers
  • Find resources specifically matching career interests

The Career Services Center provides all students access to Handshake by logging in with their emarq username and password.  Every student already has an account.

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If your Student is in their First Year

Questions they might ask:

  • What major should I choose?
  • What is a college education all about?
  • How do I find out what I want to do with my life?

Consider this:
As new students, their concerns about majors and careers may be just beginning. By planning how they will involve themselves in different courses and experiences and by exploring career ideas with an academic advisor and a career professional, they will begin to be responsible for their own future.

Recommendations for parents:

  1. Although it may seem helpful and appropriate, refrain from suggesting or selecting your student’s major for them. Instead, ask about likes, dislikes, strengths, and goals.
  2. Let your student know that they should consider college as a preparation for life. The decisions they make in college will influence their future. Support those decisions.
  3. Remind them that they don’t have to decide on a major right away, however, encourage them to make a tentative career choice. Know that change is possible.
  4. Recommend that they start their personal development by joining at least one student organization; helping them develop skills employers value.
  5. As part of a First-Year Seminar class, all students will gain exposure to Career Services. They will take part in a self-assessment activity. Ask them to tell you about this over break.
  6. Remind them to read the college catalog to become familiar with available majors.
  7. During summer vacation, encourage them to get a job with opportunities to gain work experience and improve interpersonal communication skills.
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If your Student is in their Sophomore Year

Questions they might ask:

  • Is this the best major for me?
  • How do I plan a meaningful and marketable education?
  • How can I develop my work-related skills?

Consider this:
Your student may want to declare their major now. By meeting with their advisor to discuss available options, your student may be prepared to decide.

Recommendations for parents:

  1. Suggest that they talk with a career professional and take career inventories to help confirm their choice of major.
  2. Ask them to explore ways to gain on-target work experience through internships, part-time, and volunteer work.
  3. Help them choose electives that will give them additional desirable skills.
  4. Persuade them to participate in resume writing and interviewing activities through the career services center while beginning to develop a resume.
  5. During summer vacation, encourage them to get a job with opportunities to gain work experience and improve interpersonal communication skills.
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If your Student is in their Junior Year

Questions they might ask:

  • How do I identify specific job possibilities to go with my major?
  • When should I start thinking about my job search?
  • Is graduate/professional school for me?

Consider this:
Graduation may not be as far off as they think. The junior year is not too early to identify and gather information about companies and/or graduate/professionals school. Students need to know the steps necessary for gaining meaningful employment or for gaining admission to graduate/professional school.

Recommendations for parents:

  1. Support them in joining student and professional organizations related to their majors or careers.
  2. Help them polish their resume and stress that they have it critiqued by a career professional.
  3. During summer vacation, encourage them to get a job with opportunities to gain work experience and improve interpersonal communication skills.
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If your Student is in their Senior Year

Questions they might ask:

  • How do I identify my employable skills?
  • Is interview preparation necessary?
  • What exactly is the job search process?
  • What am I going to do after graduation?

Consider this:
It’s time to make final decisions about career options. Students should stay in touch with the Career Services Center for both information about job openings and assistance with personal presentation skills.

Recommendations for parents:

  1. Insist that they develop a job search plan complete with strategies that will work for them.
  2. Assist them in purchasing a professional suit complete with shoes that will be used when attending career fairs, interviews, and graduate/professional schools.
  3. Help them practice interviewing skills by asking them questions.
  4. Encourage them to participate in a practice interview.
  5. Encourage them to use the Career services resource library and web page to research companies and regularly check job vacancies.
  6. Help them develop a network of contacts consisting of family and friends.
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