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professional follow up

Strong follow up may be the difference between getting to the next step or not. A thank you is also a place for you to reiterate your skills or to mention something you may have forgotten or did not have the chance to speak about.

The Thank You

  1. Thank You Emails: Send immediately following the interview (within 24 hours) to all those with whom you met
  2. Thank You Note/Letter: Drop in mail within two days; send to all those with whom you met
  3. Phone call follow up: In your interview you should have asked what the timeline was for making a decision. You are free to call once a few days AFTER the decision-making date. Call the hiring manager in charge of your interview.

The Stall Letter

Upon occasion, candidates find that they must respond to a job offer before they are ready to make a decision. This letter should be written only when you are seriously considering the offer. Let the employer know that you are interested in the position and explain briefly why you cannot make a decision at this time. State a specific date by which you will be able to announce your plans with certainty. It is not ethical to accept an offer and keep looking.

The Withdrawal Letter

It is a matter of common courtesy to notify an employer once you have made a definite decision to withdraw from consideration or to reject an offer of employment. Rejecting an employment offer should be done thoughtfully. You never know who the employer might know and whether you might want to apply for a different position at that organization in the future. Indicate that you have carefully considered the offer and have decided not to accept it. It is not necessary to give a long explanation. Thank him or her for the offer and confidence in you.

The Acceptance Letter

This letter is written to accept a formal job offer and is probably the most exciting letter of all to write. Confirm the terms of your employment, including starting date, salary, etc. Express your appreciation for the opportunity and enthusiasm in beginning employment.