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Marquette University
Career Services Center

Holthusen Hall, First Floor
1324 W. Wisconsin Avenue
P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881
Phone: (414) 288-7423
Fax: (414) 288-5302
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Kimberly-Clark Online Career Library

CSC Handouts
Career Services Center handouts are available online and in our office

Our Services Resumes and Cover Letters Sample Resumes and Content
Other Career Documents Career Exploration Etiquette Series
Internship & Job Search Series Life after MU Series  


Our Services

  1. Career Services-Services Available (PDF)
  2. Alumni Career Services

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Resumes and Cover Letters

  1. Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  2. Resume and Cover Letter Writing for Internships (PDF)
  3. Functional Resumes for Experienced Professionals (PDF)
  4. Electronic Resumes
  5. Marketing your Study Abroad Experience
  6. Transferable Skills
  7. Action Words
  8. Top Skills Employers Seek (PDF)

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Sample Resumes and Content

  1. Undergraduate 1 (PDF)
  2. Undergraduate 2 (PDF)
  3. Undergraduate - Creative (PDF)
  4. Education (PDF)
  5. Internship (PDF)
  6. Profile (PDF)
  7. Business (PDF)
  8. Communication (PDF)
  9. Education (PDF)
  10. Engineering (PDF)
  11. Health Sciences (PDF)

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Other Career Documents

  1. Portfolios
  2. References and Letters of Recommendation
  3. Thank You and Follow Up (PDF)
  4. Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

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Career Exploration

  1. Seeking Self Assessment
  2. Transferable Skills
  3. Make a Decision
  4. Informational Interview
  5. Job Shadowing (PDF)
  6. Career Development Steps (PDF)

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Etiquette Series

  1. Business Etiquette (PDF)
  2. Dining Etiquette (PDF)
  3. Building Your Career Wardrobe

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Internship & Job Search Series

  1. Job Search Techniques (PDF)
  2. Internship Search Techniques (PDF)
  3. Interviewing and Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Phone Interviews (PDF)
  5. Top Skills Employers Seek (PDF)
  6. Salary Negotiation (PDF)
  7. Long Distance Job Search (PDF)
  8. Navigating a Career Fair
  9. Networking Techniques (PDF)
  10. Phone Call Follow Up (PDF)
  11. Executive Search and Staffing Firms (PDF)

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Life after MU Series

  1. Budget Worksheet (PDF)
  2. Your First Year as a Professional (PDF)

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