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Kohl's career education scholarship

Scholarship Application

The Marquette University Career Services Center and Kohl’s Corporate is pleased to offer Career Education Scholarships and sponsorship opportunities. These scholarships and sponsorship opportunities are designed to make it possible for Marquette University Registered Student Organizations to offer career education programming to its members and the opportunity for organization sponsorship.

  1. The Kohl’s Career Education Scholarship and sponsorship opportunities are for registered Marquette student organizations only.
  2. When requesting funds, please provide the complete details of your event along with a comprehensive budget, including items like Alumni Memorial Union price quotes, estimated food costs, anticipated number of participants attending, transportation costs, and so forth.
  3. Programming events can be open to organization members only or open to the entire membership of Marquette University.
  4. If you have questions or would like to set up a meeting to discuss the application, the funding process or your program idea, please email Kristin Adler, Assistant Director, Employer and Campus Relations.

What we can fund

  1. Speakers/educational events with a direct focus on career education
  2. Advertising/publicity for career education events
  3. Organization sponsorship including speaking to group, capital goods (i.e. advertisement on t-shirts or prizes), catering, etc.

What we can’t fund

  1. Documentaries, films, and performances
  2. Recruiting or fundraising events
  3. Operating expenses (i.e. office supplies)
  4. Expenses for past events
  5. Any event that charges and admission fee

Programming Ideas

  1. Speakers
  2. Industry Networking Events
  3. Panel of industry experts/alumni
  4. Dress for Success Events
  5. Workshops on any career-related topic

What is Career Education?
Career Education can be defined as the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes through programming and experiences that assist students in making informed decisions about study and/or work options and enable effective participation in working life.

Career education encompasses:

  1. Learning about the world of work, its changing nature, the general expectations of employers, and the demands of the workplace
  2. Developing self-awareness in relation to interests, abilities, skills and values
  3. Developing awareness and understanding of occupational information and career pathways
  4. Developing skills in decision-making which can be applied to career choices
  5. Acquiring the skills necessary to implement the career decisions made