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 Central Office, located in Coughlin Hall 3rd Floor
    Joseph Green, Ph. D.


    (414) 288-5342   


   Interests: Family, film, reading,        

                   sports, cooking, politics, music.

   Favorite quote: “The best way to find yourself

                             is to lose yourself in the

                             service of others.”

                                        -Mohandas Gandhi


   Homeland: Back East

  Claire Dinkelman

   Assistant to the Director

   (414) 288-3127


   Interests: My dogs Charlie & Emma, baking  
                 cupcakes, art museums, Tao  
                 of Pooh, the Packers, Paris.

   Favorite Quote: "Hold fast to dreams

                            For if dreams die

                            Life is a broken-winged bird

                            That cannot fly."

                                         -Langston Hughes

    Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

  Katie Ehr

   Accounting Clerk

   (414) 288-3457

  Interests: Quilting, knitting, family, pets, food

  Favorite quote: "Oh, boy, you're just full of fun

                          today, aren't ya? Why don't                            we go up to the old people's

                          home and  wax

                          the steps?" 

                                       -Barney Fife

   Hometown: Cedarburg, WI        

  Judith Koerner

  Administrative Secretary

  (414) 288-7584

   Yolanda Lucas

  Business Associate

   (414) 288-3456

  Interests: Running, cooking, reading,

                 traveling, gardening.

  Favorite quote: "If you want something you've

                           never had, you must do

                           something you've never

                           done." -Thomas Jefferson

  Hometown:   Merrill Park neighborhood   

                      Milwaukee, WI

  Donte L. McFadden, Ph.D.

  Associate Director-    



  (414) 288-3011


  TRiO Alumnus- Upward Bound       

                        (Marquette University)



Academic Enrichment, located in Coughlin Hall 3rd Floor

    Henry Kranendonk

    Mathematics Specialist

    (414) 288-3639

   Interests: Baby-sitting grandaughter, solving

                  math problems, watching the


   Favorite quote: "Faith, hope, and love

                           But the greatest of these

                           is love."

                                   -1 Corinthians 13:1

   Hometown: Oostburg, WI

  Daniel Lattimore

   Graduate Assistant

     Interests: Motivation, resilience, positive    

                    psychology, adaptive functioning,

                    play theory,   multicultural

                    counseling, self-efficacy,

                    and humor in therapy.


     Favorite quote: "I'm of sound mind and

                           body, two arms and two                            legs, like millions      

                           of other people, but the ones

                           who want it badly enough set

                           themselves apart.''

                                                   -Ray Allen

   Camille Lester

    Graduate Assistant

    Dr. Richard Lewis

    Writing Specialist

   (414) 288-5392

   Interests: American literature, Bible,

               photography, kite flying, chorale

               music, creative writing analysis and                   software.

    Favorite quote: "To everything there is a                            season, a time for purpose

                           under heaven:"

                                         - Ecclesiastes 3:1

    Homeland: Upstate (way up) New York

   Greg Nelson

    Data & Informations Systems  


   (414) 288-5178

   Interests: Music, family, reading, cooking,

                  technology, skiing, sports, riding 

                  shotgun in Steve Wysocki's                   DeLorean, economics, Ducatis.

   Favorite quote: "An eye for an eye makes the

                           whole world blind."

                                        -Mohandas Gandhi

   Homeland: Rural Wisconsin

ktate   Kevin A. Tate

    Research & Career Specialist

   (414) 288-5889

   Interests: Career development, liberation  

                  psychology, hip-hop culture.


   Favorite Quote: "I have decided to stick with                              love. Hate is too great

                           a burden to bear"


                           - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

McNair Program located in Coughlin Hall 3rd Floor

   Felisa Parris

    McNair Coordinator

   (414) 288-5345

Pre-College Programs (UB & UBMS), located in Coughlin Hall 2nd Floor

   T Ullrich

   Associate Director

   (414) 288-2145    

   Interests: House and classic car restoration,

                  reading, travel, cooking, outdoor

                  activities, teaching, film, literature.

   Hometown: Chicago, IL

   Yvonne M. Reyes

  Coordinator, Upward Bound Math &   


   (414) 288-7368

   Interests: Culinary arts, gardening,

                  volunteering, international affairs,  


    Favorite quote: "If we pray, we will believe; 

                            If we believe, we will love; 

                            If we love, we will serve." 

                                             -Mother Teresa

    Hometown: Holland, MI

  Andrew Babb-Fowler


   (414) 288-5337

    Interests: Reading, watching films,  

                   conversation, sports, laughing,

                   eating, traveling, sunshine.


    Favorite quote:"Wake up every day and

                            work on becoming the man

                            you want to be, one day

                            you'll wake up and be him."


    Hometown: Evanston, IL

   Jane Hanley

   Administrative Secretary

   (414) 288-7368

   Interests: A Charlie Brown Christmas, 

                  gardening, grilled cheese

                  sandwiches with tomato soup,

                  and old black & white movies.   

    Favorite quote: “It’s the Best Day Ever.”

                            -SpongeBob Square Pants 

    Hometown: Wauwatosa, WI

   Kiarra Reid

  Assistant Director

  (414) 288-5231

   Interests: Family, food, helping people,

                  laughter, travel.

   Favorite quote: "Never doubt that a

                          small group of thoughtful,

                          committed citizens

                          can change the world,

                          Indeed, it is the only thing 

                          that ever has."

                                       -Margaret Mead    

    Hometown: Milwaukee, WI 

   Keonia Stovall

  Counselor - TRiO alum, SSS graduate

  (414) 288-5391

   Interests: Family, helping others, reading,  

                  basketball, movies, and  

                  pampering myself!         

   Favorite quote: No work is insignificant. All

                          labor that uplifts humanity

                          has dignity and importance

                          and should be undertaken 

                          with painstaking excellence.”


                                   -Martin Luther King Jr.

   Hometown: Milwaukee, WI 

 College Programs (SSS & McNair), located in Coughlin Hall 3rd Floor

   Eddie Guzman

   Associate Director, College Division

   (414) 288-1770

   Interests: Reading, noon hoops, baseball,


    Favorite quote: "Es mejor morir de pie que

                            vivir de rodillas."

                                        -Emiliano Zapata

    Hometown: Racine, WI

    Laiya Thomas

   Assistant Director

   (414) 288-5343

    Interests: Family, reading,volunteering,

                   travel, music.

    Kathy Falk

    Financial Aid Assistant

   (414) 288-7593

    Interests: Travel, films, theatre, politics,

                   reading,college hoops, the Pack.

     Favorite quote:

     Homeland: Across the river from Canada.

    Florie Greenhill


   (414) 288-6304

   Interests: Family, football, friends, fun. 

   Favorite quote: "You'll never know if you

                           don't ask." 

   Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

    Jacqueline Walker

   Financial Aid Counselor

   (414) 288-7593 

   Interests: Family, politics, bingo, reading.

   Favorite quote: "My experience has shown

                          me that life is truly a journey,

                          and the less baggage that we

                          carry, the easier the ride."

                                                    -W. Amos

    Homeland: Midwest




Educational Opportunity Program

EOP is an academic program that motivates and enables low-income and first generation students, whose parents do not have a baccalaureate degree, to enter and succeed in higher education. See all the programs that Educational Opportunity Programs include.