Bryan Rindfleisch specializes in Early American, Native American, and Atlantic World history. His manuscript – which focuses on the intersection of colonial, Native, imperial, and Atlantic histories, peoples, and places in eighteenth-century North America – was awarded the Provost’s Dissertation Prize in 2015, and has been funded by the Omohundro Institute of Early American History & Culture, Newberry Library, David Library of the American Revolution, William L. Clements Library, and more. He has also published a number of articles in the journals of Ethnohistory, Native South, New Hibernia Review, History Compass, Journal of the American Revolution, among others. He is co-editor of the interdisciplinary forum, H-AmIndian.

Courses regularly taught:

HIST 1101: Introduction to American History, 1491-Present

HIST 2101: Growth of the American Nation, 1491-1865

HIST 3101: Early American History, 1491-1776

HIST 4155: A History of Native America, 1491-Present

HIST 6101: Early American Colloquium, 1491-1776

In addition to these regular offerings, Rindfleisch’s teaching interests revolve around the role of violence in early America, the nature of empires and colonialism, and Indigenous resistance and decolonization movements throughout history.

He welcomes inquiries from graduate students broadly interested in early America and the Atlantic world, or more specifically the Native (American) South, the American Revolution, Southern history, intimacy and violence, empires and colonialism, or intercultural exchange.


Bryan Rindfleisch's CV




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