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Faculty & Staff Directory

Dr. Lezlie  Knox Dr. Lezlie Knox Department Chair, History (414) 288-7863
Dr. James  Marten Dr. James Marten , History (414) 288-7901
Dr. Steven M Avella Dr. Steven M Avella Professor, History (414) 288-3556
Dr. Alan  Ball Dr. Alan Ball Professor, History (414) 288-7124
Dr. John P. Donnelly, S.J. Dr. John P. Donnelly, S.J. Professor Emeritus, History
Dr. Michael  Donoghue Dr. Michael Donoghue Associate Professor, History (414) 288-1635
Dr. Alison  Efford Dr. Alison Efford Associate Professor, History (414) 288-7863
Dr. Jennifer  Finn Dr. Jennifer Finn Associate Professor, History (414) 288-0393
Dr. Kristen  Foster Dr. Kristen Foster Associate Professor, History (414) 288-3562
Dr. Sergio  González Dr. Sergio González Assistant Professor, History (414) 288-7506
Dr. Carla  Hay Dr. Carla Hay Associate Professor, History (414) 288-7150
Dr. Thomas J. Jablonsky Dr. Thomas J. Jablonsky Professor Emeritus, History (414) 288-5300
Dr. Chima  Korieh Dr. Chima Korieh Associate Professor, History (414) 288-3563
Ms. Jolene  Kreisler Ms. Jolene Kreisler Assistant to the Chair, History (414) 288-6330
Dr. John D. Krugler Dr. John D. Krugler Professor Emeritus, History (414) 288-7056
Dr. Laura E. Matthew Dr. Laura E. Matthew Associate Professor, History (414) 288-7590
Dr. David  McDaniel Dr. David McDaniel Visiting Assistant Professor, History (414) 288-7766
Dr. Timothy  McMahon Dr. Timothy McMahon Associate Professor, History (414) 288-3559
Dr. Daniel  Meissner Dr. Daniel Meissner Associate Professor, History (414) 288-3552
Dr. Patrick  Mullins Dr. Patrick Mullins Assistant Professor, History (414) 288-5300
Dr. Phillip C. Naylor Dr. Phillip C. Naylor Professor, History (414) 288-3561
Dr. Bryan C. Rindfleisch Dr. Bryan C. Rindfleisch Assistant Professor, History (414) 288-6463
Dr. Julius R. Ruff Dr. Julius R. Ruff Professor Emeritus, History (414) 288-3555
Dr. Robert S Smith Dr. Robert S Smith Harry G. John Professor, History (414)288-0868
Dr. Peter  Staudenmaier Dr. Peter Staudenmaier Associate Professor, History (414) 288-3560
Dr. Michael  Wert Dr. Michael Wert Associate Professor, History
Dr. Michael J. Zeps, S.J. Dr. Michael J. Zeps, S.J. Professor Emeritus, History (414) 288-7386

Faculty & Staff Directory


Department of History
Sensenbrenner Hall, 202A
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