Discussions settings

Access Discussions tool settings

Do one of the following:

Org Unit Settings

Org unit settings apply to all users and all forums and topics in your course.

Shared Display Settings  Controls whether shared forums and topics display in the discussions list in your course offering. If you clear this option, users cannot access shared forums and topics from within your course offering.

Message Ratings  Turns the message ratings control on or off for all topics within the course offering. See Rating discussion messages.

Topic Descriptions  Controls whether topic descriptions display in the message list. You can turn off this feature to save space for users with small screens and instead use pinned messages to provide explanations or instructions. See Posting a message in Discussions.

Personal Settings

Personal settings control the way you view messages inside a topic. These settings apply to all course offerings wherever you access discussions, but do not affect other users.

Display Settings  The following display settings are available:

Default Message List View  The following message list views are available:

Message List Style  The following message list styles are available:

Message Fields to Display  You can choose to display the following fields:

Character Limits  If you are using the Grid Style message list, you can choose to display only the first few characters of each message’s subject to save screen space. Select the check box and enter the maximum Subject Characters to Display.

Reply Settings  Use this setting to automatically include the text of any message you reply to when composing a reply.


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