D2L Resources

The following are guides for using the features built into D2L. For information on how to use external add-ons or plugins with D2L, please refer to the D2L Add-Ons page.

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D2L Basics

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Communication Tools

Uploading Content into D2L


D2L Quizzes

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Quiz Setup

Quiz Question Pool

Quiz Grading


D2L Grades

The Grades tool provides grade transparency.  Students will be able to check grades across all required assignments in one location.


D2L Surveys

The Survey tool is used to obtain student feedback. 


D2L Discussion

  • D2L Discussions Tool
    An introductory guide to discussions that covers: (1) Create a discussion forum; (2) Create a topic in a discussion forum; (3) Edit forums and topics; (4) Delete discussion forums, topics, and threads and (5) Assessing a topic.
  • Creating Groups in D2L

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Discussion Setup

Discussion Grading


D2L Dropbox

  • D2L Dropbox Tool
    Create submission folders for student assignments.  The Turnitin plagiarism checker is integrated in the Dropbox tool.  For the new Dropbox experience, it is located in Evaluation and Feedback.  For the old Dropbox experience, it is located in the Turnitin tab of the Edit Folder page.  For further information about Turnitin click here.

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Dropbox Setup

Dropbox Grading


Additional Guides

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  • D2L Rubrics Tool
    A quick guide to the Rubrics tool in D2L covering: (1) types of rubrics in D2L; (2) creating an analytic rubric; (3) creating a holistic rubric; (4) editing rubrics; (5) deleting rubrics.
  • How to Archive Your Course
    Archive Materials from a past course to a zip file.
  • Quick Eval
    Quick Eval is a tool found on the D2L home page and course level that will allow instructors access to their unevaluated submissions for grading in all active courses.
  • D2L Analytics
    This guide will show instructors how to find analytics within their course, organized by the D2L tools.
  • The ePortfolio tool is used to store, organize and share digital artifacts that represent learning achieved in academia.
    Instructor Guide
    Student Guide



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