Learn how to use D2L - Guides & Tutorials

The following are guides for using the features built into D2L. For information on how to use external add-ons or plugins with D2L, please refer to the D2L Add-Ons page.

Building a Course

The Department of Digital Learning has created a course template to help you build your online and blended courses in D2L. The course template is customizable and includes examples and suggestions on how to organize content. For example, the Start Here module includes a syllabus template and additional resources to support student success.

Tools to increase Student Success

Communication and Feedback

Assessment Tools

  • D2L Quizzing Tool: Create formative and summative assessments using Quizzes.  For example, low stakes practice quizzes can be helpful for students to master content and prepare for the next assessment.
  • D2L Dropbox Tool: Create submission folders for student assignments. The Turnitin plagiarism checker is integrated in the Dropbox tool. Turnitin is located in the Evaluation and Feedback section. For further information about Turnitin click here.
  • D2L Rubrics Tool: Use an interactive rubric to assess student performance.
  • Quick Eval: Found on the D2L home page and course level, instructors can quickly access their unevaluated submissions for grading in all active courses.
  • Importing Scantron Grades into Gradebook
  • The ePortfolio tool is used to store, organize and share digital artifacts that represent learning achieved in academia.
    Instructor Guide
    Student Guide
  • The Grades tool provides grade transparency.  Students will be able to check grades across all required assignments in one location.

D2L Troubleshooting

Having trouble with D2L? Try these troubleshooting tips. 

  • Visit the D2L system check and correct any issues found.
  • Try logging into D2L with a different web browser (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari).  
  • Clear the web browser’s cache and remove any browser cookies for d2l.mu.edu.
  • Ensure your web browser is up to date with the latest version.
  • Check for updates on your computer and apply them, restarting if needed.
  • Run a virus scan to check for malicious software on your computer that could be affecting your D2L session.


Materials, such as Word documents and PowerPoints uploaded to D2L should comply with accessibility standards.


Desire to LearnFor questions on D2L, submit your questions to the Learning Technologies portal.