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  • Using D2L Gradebook Tool
    This guide covers: (1) Setting up your Gradebook using the Setup Wizard; (2) Creating grade categories; (3) Creating grade items; (4) Entering grades; (5) Deleting categories and grade items and (6) Calculating final grades.
  • D2L Discussions Tool
    An introductory guide to discussions that covers: (1) Create a discussion forum; (2) Create a topic in a discussion forum; (3) Edit forums and topics; (4) Delete discussion forums, topics, and threads and (5) Assessing a topic.
  • D2L Dropbox Tool
    Get acquainted with the D2L Dropbox with this introductory guide that covers: (1) Create folders and categories in the Dropbox; (2) Edit a folder; (3) Delete a folder and (4) View and evaluate student submissions.
  • Tips: D2L News, Calendar, Dropbox

  • Students with accommodations through the Office of Disability Services (ODS) may request additional time on quizzes. Instructors can provide this access through the Special Access feature.
  • D2L Rubrics Tool
    A quick guide to the Rubrics tool in D2L covering: (1) types of rubrics in D2L; (2) creating an analytic rubric; (3) creating a holistic rubric; (4) editing rubrics; (5) deleting rubrics.
  • D2L Quizzing Tool
    A quick guide on the Quiz feature in D2L covering: (1) Use the Question Library to create a question bank; (2) Create quizzes; (3) Edit and delete quizzes and (4) Grade quizzes.
    D2L Quiz FAQs
  • Guide to Using D2L with JAWS
    An introductory guide on how to navigate D2L using the JAWS screen reader that covers: (1) Logging into D2L; (2) Configuring D2L Account Settings; (3) Navigation Content; (4) Navigating Quizzes.
  • How to Archive Your Course
    Archive Materials from a past course to a zip file.
  • Quick Eval
    Quick Eval is a new tool found on the D2L home page that will allow instructors access to their unevaluated submissions for grading in all active courses.
  • Online Rooms is a collaboration platform using web conferencing (Skype for Business)
    Student Guide
    Instructor Guide
  • D2L Analytics
    This guide will show instructors how to find analytics within their course, organized by the D2L tools.


Christina JohnsonFor questions on D2L, please contact the Instructional Technologist, Christina Johnson at christina.johnson@marquette.edu