Who we are

In 2011 the Office of the Bursar saw a growing need for financial literacy education.  To respond to that need, a Student Peer Educator was hired to bring financial literacy to various student organizations and residence halls.  Since then, much work has been done, many events and presentations given and this very site and informative blog: created, but more work is to be done.  In late 2014, a new financial literacy student committee was formed and they already have new and exciting projects underway to bring to Marquette’s students, including a budgeting phone app and video that will be informative and entertaining.  If you’re a Marquette student and have any programming ideas, comments or would like to request a presentation, please e-mail us at:  

Our mission

Marquette Money Matters strives to serve Marquette University’s students by educating them in various formats to become more fiscally aware and responsible in their college years and beyond. Not only do we want to see our students succeed academically, but we also want to arm them with the essential life skills needed to manage their own finances.

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