Institute for End of Life Care Education


Professional education

When you're a nurse
you know that every day you will touch a life
or a life will touch yours.

— Unknown author

The institute accomplishes much on the educational front to promote end-of-life care among nursing students and health care professionals.

To date, the institute has:

Speakers and event dates included:

Dr. William Lamers, a medical consultant with the Hospice Association of America (April 2003)

Dr. Ardith Doorenbos, R.N., a post-doctoral fellow at Michigan Sate University specializing in end-of-life care (April 2004)

Dr. Karin T. Kirchhoff, R.N..F.A.A.N., Rodefer Chair and professor at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, national expert of end-of-life care (May 2005)

Courses on death and dying

Community education



The Marquette Neighborhood Health Center

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