Rosalee Mackinnon, College of Communication ‘14, Mendham, NJ

The Melting Pot - My Home

Depicting a typical day on the streets in NYC

A Time to Remember - My Community

Taken in Downtown Milwaukee, this flag waved proudly on 9/11, a time to remember

Something Flat in the Middle - My Home

The Flat Iron building in NYC is a creative work of art and architecture

Blessing in Disguise - My Faith

Oldest Building in the Western Hemisphere- a not-so-typical angle provides a new way to perceive the St. Joan of Arc Chapel

A Different Angle - My Home

A different twist on a traditional church



Hunger Clean-Up

Celebrating 25 years in 2014, Hunger Clean-Up has grown to be Marquette’s largest day of service- bringing together approximately 1,500 individuals to volunteer with over 50 agencies each April. Learn more.