Professional Staff


Preferred Name: Bernadette Heitschmidt, MSEd, MS, NCC, LPC-IT (she/her) 

Position: Director of the Center for Student Wellness and Health Promotion 

Marquette Email: 

Marquette Phone Number: 414-288-2104 

Hometown: Chicago, IL 

Favorite Wellness Activity: Crafting 

About Me: Bernadette is a proud, two-time, Marquette University alumna, originally from the southwest side of Chicago, Illinois. Bernadette graduated from Marquette as an Advertising major from the Diederich College of Communication. Her love of working within student affairs began when she was a resident assistant in Cobeen Hall. She went on to work at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design as a Residence Hall Director and then completed a master degree in Adult and Higher Education at Northern Illinois University, where she held an assistantship as a Graduate Residence Hall Director and completed an internship as a Graduate Residence Hall Director at Wingate University. Bernadette started her professional career back at Marquette working as a Residence Hall Director in Carpenter Tower. She also completed a master degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling on the Vocational Rehabilitation track at Marquette, while working as a Hall Minister and Vocational Rehabilitation intern at On Your Marq. Bernadette is very excited to be the Director of the Center for Student Wellness and Health Promotion, where she can focus on assisting college students succeed with their wellness plan. 



Preferred Name: Jenny Fierro (she/they) 

Position: Coordinator for Student Wellness Programs 

Marquette Email: 

Marquette Phone Number: 414-288-1934

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI 

Favorite Wellness Activity: My favorite wellness activity is getting through my TBR list! Nothing makes me happier than reading books and I love lounging in a cozy sweater reading in my sunroom.  

About Me: While new to Marquette University, I grew up in Milwaukee's south side and have spent a majority of my life here. The first one of my sisters to leave home, I moved to Madison to pursue a graduate degree and graduated May 2022. I enjoy being a student and am continuously looking for opportunities to grow. I am of the belief that there is always room to learn something new. I have 2 dogs, one who is a 90lb Pitbull named Rex and his much smaller, gremlin brother, a Frenchie named Paco.



Preferred Name: Estelle Wellhouse (she/her) 

Position: Victim Advocate 

Marquette Email: 

Marquette Phone Number: 414-288-2463 

Hometown: Born in Paris, France, grew up in Madison, WI 

Favorite Wellness Activity: Swimming in the ocean, Walking with my dog 

About Me: Estelle holds a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and has worked serving victims of crime for over 10 years. Her various positions include: working as a victim advocate at Eau Claire County District Attorney's Office and as an in-crisis response at Eau Claire Police Department, Legal Advocate at End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin, Victim Advocate at Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office and Police Officer at West Milwaukee Police Department. Estelle enjoys being outdoors, traveling and eating tasty food.


Student Staff


Preferred Name: Mackenzie (she/her)

Position: Office Assistant

Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL

Favorite Wellness Activity: Coloring or Journaling

Major: Chemistry

Minor: Creative writing and Dance

Career Aspiration: Pharmacist



Preferred Name: Melissa Variny

Position: Wellness Peer Educator

Hometown: Lake Villa, IL

Favorite Wellness Activity: Journaling

Majors: Accounting and Real Estate

Career Aspiration: Tax Accountant, eventually a CFO



Preferred Name: Charlie (he/him)

Position: Wellness Peer Educator

Hometown: Silicon Valley, CA, most recently Coeur d' Alene, ID

Favorite Wellness Activity: journaling, long walks

Major: Psychology

Minor:  Creative Writing

Career Aspiration: Therapist



Preferred Name: Rosie Kyriakopoulos 

Position: Wellness Peer Educator 

Hometown: Northfield, IL 

Favorite Wellness Activity: Unplugging from technology 

Majors: Educational and Communication Studies 

Career Aspiration: Guidance/School Counselor 



Preferred Name: Eunbie Lee

Position: Wellness Peer Educator

Hometown: Maryland

Favorite Wellness Activity: Playing field-hockey

Major: Biological Sciences

Minor: English

Career Aspiriation: Dentistry



Preferred Name: Micah (she/her) 

Position: Wellness Peer Educator 

Hometown: Breckenridge, CO 

Favorite Wellness Activity: Cooking with my friends 

Majors: Communication Studies, Psychology, Sociology 

Career Aspiration: Mental Health Counselor 



Preferred Name: Rebecca (she/her) 

Position: Wellness Peer Educator 

Hometown: LaGrange, IL

Favorite Wellness Activity: Working out

Major: Physiological Sciences

Minor: Business

Career Aspiration: Dentistry