Emily Mennenga, College of Engineering ’13, Thomasboro, IL

This is Only the Beginning - My Community

This photo is taken on 4th Street downtown.  The yellow lines that are moving your eyes forward are symbolic of looking towards the future.  It is the start or just the beginning of the road ahead, my future.

Get up and Go - My Community

This is Wisconsin Avenue in the afternoon.  The road is calm, not much traffic and the green “Go” light is the center of attention.  It is almost as if it is telling me to “go” and start the next chapter of my life: College.  Also the calm, serene street show that I will have minimal obstacles on my way to success.

Meeting the Horizon - My Home

This shot is taken in little Flatville, Illinois.  I am standing on top of the combine hoping to capture how the field seems to go on for miles, where the auger extends to the horizon.

Take me Home - My Home

This is also taken in Flatville, Illinois, on the “Flatville Slab.”  My Opa, (grandpa in German), would always ask, “Can you see the church steeple girls?” When we were about a quarter mile away from home we could always see it.  This picture reminds me so much of home and my family, more than some people can imagine.

College Necessities - My Faith

My faith, or what I believe in, is what makes me who I am.  It makes me whole.  Crayons and my iPod have helped me center myself after a long stressful day many times over.   They both take me back to the simpler things in life, music and the joy of coloring.

Follow Your Toes - My Family

This is a picture of the shoes of my friend Erin and me.  The zipper on my jacket and the bead from my button are larger than life.  It helps me to remember that even the miniscule, simple things matter too.  Erin reminds me to stand on my own two feet and be an individual, and most importantly to “Follow your toes.”


Late Night

Late Night Marquette

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