Marquette Involvement Link User Guide

Getting Started

Each organization has its own site where members can collaborate in discussion posts, events, photos, and other online features. As a student leader, you control the majority of these features.

Access your organization’s site

1. Log in to Marquette Involvement Link.
2. In the top bar, click on My Shortcuts to view all current organizations you are a member of.
3. Click on the name of your organization and you will be taken directly to your organization’s site.


4. Go to My Involvement at the top of the page, then select Memberships.
5. Click on the name of your organization to expand the options.
6. Click on “Organization Site” to the far right.

View a full user guide here

Video Tutorials:

Redesign Student Demo:


Manage Your Roster


Manage Folders and Documents


Manage Your Organization



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I change my organization’s officers / primary contact?
A: In order to update an organization’s officers, you must be listed as the primary contact, president or representative 1, vice president or representative 2, or treasurer or representative 3. If you are not listed as one of these positions, you will need to contact someone who is and have them make the changes. If the primary contact has graduated, please contact Matt Lengen, Coordinator for Student Organizations and Leadership, to make the change for you.

Q: How do I change signers at US Bank?
A: Search for the Office of Student Development on Marquette Involvement Link. Once there, go to the forms section, and complete the Organization Bank Form. After the form has been submitted, simply go to the Office of Student Development (AMU 121) and have the office assistant print out a copy of the form for you. Take this form to the bank to update your account signers.

Q: How do I get my print publicity approved?
A: In order for publicity to be approved, the event MUST first be approved, and appear on Marquette Involvement Link with the publicity attached to the event. If the publicity is not included on the MIL event, the publicity cannot be approved.

If an event is submitted and approved without publicity, students may go back and upload a flyer later. To do this, simply log into MIL, click on ‘My Involvement’ in the black toolbar at the top of the screen, and select ‘Submissions.’ Under the ‘Events’ tab, students can then select the event they would like to edit and resubmit.

Please note: All publicity must be removed from campus posting locations one day following the event.

Q: How do I know if my event has been approved?
A: You can check on the status of your pending events at any time by clicking on the ‘My Involvement’ tab at the top of your screen, and selecting ‘Submissions.’ This section will give you a snapshot of all the forms, elections, organization registrations, and events that you have submitted.

Q: Why did my event not show up on the flyer board?
A: In order for an approved event to show up on the flyer board, you must include a flyer with the event, and mark the event type as public. A listing of what each event type means is below:


Late Night

Late Night Marquette

Late Night Marquette actively promotes a vibrant campus culture by collaborating with members of the university and Milwaukee communities to provide fun, innovative, and inexpensive programming to students. View the calendar of Late Night events here.