A quick guide to publicizing events at Marquette


If your event is sponsored/cosponsored by a registered student organization, see the policies/procedures. All events must be registered with the Office of Student Development, and publicity must be approved via Marquette Involvement Link.


A limited number of posters to advertise your student organization's event can be printed through the Student Affairs Marketing Office at no cost to your organization. For the 2015-2016 academic year, posters have been funded by MUSG’s student activity fee. MUSG has allocated $2,300 in order to fund free printing for organization for AY15-16. In the event that those funds run out before the end of the year, student organizations will incur charges for poster printing. As such, limitations have been placed upon the number of prints an organization can receive for an event.

The limitations are as follows:

If you are in need of more posters that what is allotted above, your organization is responsible for printing them elsewhere and incurring the costs of printing.

NOTE: Organizations that do not pick-up posters will be charged a fee for the printing ($0.75 for each 11x17" poster, $6.00 for each 24x36" poster, and $9.00 for each 36x54" poster).

Submit your print request.

Other posters or flyers can be printed through any of the Marquette University recommended print vendors (link is internal to campus only). NOTE: We currently do printing only for registered student organizations. We recommend that students who wish to have posters printed for class projects/conferences or departments outside the Division of Student Affairs who need publicity have posters printed at one of the University recommended vendors.

Additionally, you can get a Printwise card for your organization. A personalized card (meaning the student org name is on it) is $5 and then MarquetteCash can be added as needed for printing. If it is lost, you can pay $5 for a replacement and any funds on the card can be reloaded. You can also get a courtesy card from the kiosk for $1 and load that. The downside of that is if it’s lost, the funds are not recoverable. If you would like a personalized card, contact Rob Mullens (rob.mullens@marquette.edu) in the Union Station, located on the first floor of the AMU.

Publicity Approval

More information on these procedures and policies can be found under the Student Organizations Policies.

Frequently asked questions about publicity

What publicity do I need to get approved? All event publicity needs to be approved. General meeting or tryout publicity does not need approval.
How do I upload my flyer to Marquette Involvement Link (MIL)? It's easy! Instructions can be found at the Student Org Policy webpage on publicity.
What if I have a flyer that has information on it but is not advertising an event? Some flyers will be considered literature (for example if you are handing out political information). Literature needs to be approved and have a disclaimer on it. See the policies on literature for complete details.
What about election publicity? There are policies that govern both the advertising of federal, state, and local elections as well as advertising for internal campus elections.
Where can I post my flyers? There are restrictions on where you can post, and some spaces need to be reserved (see information on reservations above).
What if I want to chalk event information on campus sidewalks? The message you chalk does need approval, and there are also some regulations about where you can chalk. We cover all that in our chalking policy.
What if I need more help? The Division of Student Affairs Marketing Office offers consulting to student organizations. Make an appointment by emailing them (DSA-communications@mu.edu).

Events sponsored by Marquette offices and departments do NOT need to be stamped by the Office of Student Development.

Marquette Tribune

The Tribune charges for actual advertisements, but sometimes a well-written press release with a good amount of advanced warning will encourage one of the reporters to cover your event. Though you pay for advertising, having them write an article is FREE! Also, consider writing a Viewpoints letter to get published a couple days in advance of your event.

Display Case

The Event Management Office (AMU 245) is the place to reserve 1st floor display cases – an excellent way to advertise big events FREE for two weeks.

Table Tents

For table tents in the AMU, Residence Halls, and the Raynor Memorial Libraries, be sure to have them approved by the Office of Student Development. To reserve space, contact the Event Management Office (AMU 245) for the AMU, the Office of Residence Life (Carpenter Tower 203) for the Residence Halls, and Raynor Library Conference Services for the Brew at the Bridge in the Raynor Memorial Libraries.

AMU Stairwell banners

The AMU Event Management Office (AMU 245) reserves banner space in the main stairwell. Stop in the office or give them a call at 414- 288-7202. They do request that banners be professionally done, but that doesn’t mean they have to be expensive. Contact the Office of Student Development (AMU 121) for information on how to design a banner that can be printed for free.

Marquette Today/News Briefs

NewsBriefs are sent to students via email twice a week during the academic year. An event can be submitted to NewsBriefs at the following website: http://today.marquette.edu/suggest-a-story/. Please be aware there are submission deadlines that must be met. The Office of Marketing and Communication reserves the right to select which events are included in NewsBriefs.


AXIS-TV is the system that publicizes events on AMU screens. Plan ahead because space is limited. You can make a request to post your flyer at the same time you request printing.
NOTE: Contact the Office of Residence Life to submit flyers for the AXIS TV screens in the residence halls and for Channel 95.




Your Voice

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