Vision Statement

Mission and Vision

Guided by the Jesuit, Catholic mission of the University and student development theories, the Office of Student Development is a team of educators within the Division of Student Affairs. The staff of the Office focuses its resources, programs and initiatives on the development of students and a campus community that promote self-understanding, social responsibility, leadership, and cultural awareness.

We believe in the inherent dignity, worth, and potential of all people. Furthermore, we contribute to the development of the whole student and give particular significance to the intellectual, ethical, and psychosocial growth throughout the Marquette experience. We challenge students to act with integrity and compassion and to reflect on the implications of their actions on individuals and their communities. We celebrate the diverse nature of our campus community by preparing students for life and work in a multicultural society, fostering inclusivity, and empowering those less represented in the community to identify and use their voices.  Through the creation of programs, policies, and procedures, we shape a campus community that contributes to the development of students. Our work is additive to the education students acquire in the classroom.Our efforts are based on the knowledge that meaningful engagement in the campus community facilitates academic success, the development of knowledge, skills and abilities, and commitment to transforming the world. Through our work, students come to know their unique gifts and how these gifts can be used in service for and with others.

These beliefs impel us to:

In doing this work, we commit ourselves to the following practices: collaboration; timely and effective communication; intentionality and use of research-based models and theory; creativity; involvement of students in our work; and inclusion, particularly of underrepresented populations.

All this is done for the greater glory of God through the formation and transformation of individuals and a campus community that contribute to the common good.

Revised August 2014

Learning Outcomes

After participating in Student Development sponsored programs and activities, students will:


Late Night

Late Night Marquette

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