Take classes that respond to the changing world we live in and learn about the causes of violence, theories of nonviolence and successful social movements. Gain the skills of nonviolent conflict management. Prepare yourself to work for peace in the world locally or internationally.

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Classes and focus areas

Because peace studies is interdisciplinary, you can take classes on the topics you care deeply about with your favorite professors.

You will work side by side with leading scholars and other top students in a climate that promotes academic rigor and friendship. With many Marquette faculty members researching, teaching or studying components of peacemaking, you will learn from one of the largest faculties of peacemakers globally. Satisfy your intellectual curiosity by choosing from classes in disciplines ranging from anthropology, communication, economics, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology and theology.

Download the personal planner for peace studies majors and minors.

Why choose peace studies?

In the peace studies program, you will develop an understanding of your personal values and gain the real-life experience employers are looking for. The knowledge, skill, and experiences you acquire through peace studies classes and internships are transferable to almost any professional field. They provide a foundation for you to change the world in a unique and impactful way.

Peace studies is especially valuable if you are looking at a career with community organizations, development agencies, issues-based advocacy groups, government institutions or post-graduate service programs. To make the job search easier for you, we bring to campus professionals, recruiters and high-profile speakers so you can build a strong professional network.

How to declare peace studies

  1. Download and print the appropriate form. Major Declaration Form | Minor Declaration Form
  2. Have Dr. Louise Cainkar, director of peace studies, sign the form.
  3. Turn the signed form into the records office of your home college. The Arts & Sciences records office is located in Sensenbrenner Hall, G-004.


Dr. Louise Cainkar
Director, Peace Studies Program
Lalumiere Hall, 359
(414) 288-5714

Chris Jeske
Associate Director, Center for Peacemaking
1616 W. Wells St.
(414) 288-8446


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